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ATTOM’s Quest to Consolidate & Migrate Data From Colo to Azure

The Client

ATTOM Data Solutions is the curator of ATTOM, a multi-sourced national property data warehouse that contains tax, deed, mortgage,  foreclosure, environmental risk, natural hazard, health hazard, neighborhood characteristic and property characteristic data for over 155 million U.S. properties, delivering actionable data to clients and powering consumer websites owned by ATTOM Data Solutions:,, and ATTOM data is cited by thousands of media outlets each month, including frequent mentions on CBS Evening News, The Today Show, CNBC, CNN, FOX News, PBS NewsHour and in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and USA TODAY.
Todd Teta and Richard Sawicky are the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Data Officer respectively.

The Challenge

Acquisitions require consolidating data, and when you’re a data company like ATTOM Data, that usually means moving A LOT of data. In ATTOM’s case, this involved consolidating and moving a full 50 Terabytes to Azure to save money and enjoy greater scalability, while unifying their software.


Differentiation by Denny: LCPtracker’s Reporting Warehouse

The Client:

LCPtracker, Inc. is a leading software service provider specializing in construction site compliance related software. With over 200 government agencies and 200,000 contractor customers, the company works closely with government agencies and contractors assigned to public works construction projects. Luis Ventura is the Vice President of Technology and Development at the company.

The Challenge:

Luis heard the same request over and over from clients at LCPtracker: they wanted to create their own reports, as well as customize and share them without the delays and expense of opening a service ticket.
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AER: Migrating Legacy Hardware & Software to Azure

Computer in Trash CanThe Challenge:

In late 2016, Ken Hopkins, COO of AER Technologies, the largest automotive electronics warranty service center and distributor on the West Coast had a major problem. The company’s entire IT environment was failing, due to:

  • Aging hardware (circa 2004)
  • Out of support hardware
  • Out of support software including SQL 2005
  • Security issues

Ken explains, “If you go back to when the economy collapsed and 2 of the 3 largest automotive manufactures went bankrupt, we had minimal IT budgets available for hardware and software upgrades. Over the last couple of years, we started having critical failures in our server room that led to outages lasting from a few hours to more than two days. Without a high-availability solution in place, coupled with antiquated hardware and software, it put AER’s entire business in jeopardy.”
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Rise Services: Time Slice DBA and Disaster Recovery

With headquarters in Arizona, Rise is a nonprofit organization that specializes in home and community-based support services for children and adults with developmental and other disabilities, children with mental health challenges, aging adults and children and families with foster care and adoption needs. For 25 years their purpose has remained constant. They create opportunities for and with the people they serve, their families and for the men and women providing supports to their clientele.

Time Slice DBA

  • Payroll used to take 4 people a week to process. Now done by one person in 2 hours.
  • Billing has gone from 9 people working about 2 ½ weeks to 7 people compiling it in less than a week.
  • Audits used to take 5 FT employees a week. Now gives the auditor read-only access to the resources they require.

Disaster Recovery

  • Previous DR was onsite, local backups & tape backups.
  • DR now includes real-time replicating between two primary offices.
  • Can meet zero losses on databases and 24 hour recovery on all file servers.

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